Кладбище - Западный Бродяга
eng.: Graveyard - West Drifter
Graveyard - West Drifter.jpg
Graveyard - West Drifter Map.jpg
Тип Кладбище

Кладбище - Западный Бродяга (Graveyard - West Drifter) — кладбище в игре Unbended. Расположено к востоку от замка Афон.

Надписи на могилах Править

  • Nura C. - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
  • Kevin M. - You can die but once, but sometimes you can be buried twice.
  • Kevin M. - Here lies my first me
  • Kay T. - Don't get me out of here, I'm a goddamn corpse.
  • Karlos M. - Wave your arms like you don't care.
  • Johannes H. - EMG, with this gravestone inscription, I just want to show you how much I love you, my dear. :):*
  • Jenny W. - Watch? Yes. Touch? No !
  • Cristian C - If you come watch I nag at your bones.
  • Domi Schuster - Dormi Schuster lies herein. All young women, please come in.
  • Dimitri G. - Buried, yet unforgotten.
  • David R. - A King's name!
  • Daniel K. - Your dig here will be your last.
  • Claus E. I'll be back! well, actually: I won't.
  • Tabboc - Still more alive than you.
  • Thaxx Hardy - Here lies Thaxx Hardy. He died just like he was born: alive!
  • Henry S. - I had no problems leaving this world as a warrior. But now? I'm dead... now what?
  • Lord Raven - The ravens will avenge me!
  • GnG for HankJD - For HankJD - my unicorn - your love is magic
  • Felix G. - Go on. Try it.
  • Christian P. - I'll go ahead if you don't mind.
  • Antonio B. - He left a gap, which was filled by the wind
  • Angela P. - Two eyes on the path, none behind.
  • Manuel T. - Sometimes they come back, sometimes they don't.
  • Marc H. - Here's the proof: I can outrun a dragon.
  • Marcel H. - Don't be silly. The last maneating giant died a hundred years ago.
  • Marco R. - You can eat anything! At least once.
  • Cristiano C - Here I lie now and get scrappy, come in and make me happy.
  • Macel S. - This is the story of old Macel: drawn out to learn what fear is; found fear and died of fright.
  • Fabian M. - He's been a good father. He's been a good husband. And a bad electrician.
  • Sascha B. - Sweets for free! Cotton candy on the bone.
  • Michael M. - Check out this page I've found at the trolls quite a lot of gold ...
  • Aljoscha H. - And what remains of the days? Take yourself a shovel and looking after.
  • Nils v.Z. - The Count looks enviously at the grave. Closed!
  • E-WASTE RECEPTACLE - FOR electronics, cables, T-energy, VCR's automatons, Sx255e. Not paper, plastic, bio or magical items!
  • Rente - The master!
  • Mortiferus - Of course I would prefere to lay at the beach.
  • Jonas W. - Knock, knock. Who's there? The Type in the box! come on up.
  • Hier ruht Gismo - Died at the greed for the red wax packaging of small round cheese.
  • Florian F - Oh that's easy, i can fix it.
  • Wanja P. - It's just a game...they said.
  • Stefania1987 - And the Seraphim thought the creator would give her power to defeat any monster...
  • Soraja - Two men go in, a man goes out. The other went out.
  • Mr Bombastic - Put steel flowers on my grave. i want to hear rain, hail or even your pee.
  • SLEEPINGOD - He mastered the ramp of death, but failed on the reef of doom!
  • Lazy Tomcat - Take the paws of my armor, says the Seraphim.
  • FirstCat - LazyTomcat's can opener
  • Andreas M. - Dead but lucky.
  • Sebastian A. - Sebastianus Mugnus et non mortuus est.
  • Thorin Oakshield - Famous last words: NEXT!
  • Max Ingram - Master of the deadly balloon sword
  • Alexander F. - May the A.I. decide. † ELIT-Engineer of 'Bagger 288'
  • Vladimir Ulrich - Gone to lunch. Be back soon.
  • Mike Pippin' S2 - You should stopp when it's best.
  • Jacob H - Test of courage: Throw an ax so high in the air that you cannot see it anymore. Then try catching it with the other hand ...
  • DreDBanGeR - Being Vertically_Challenged THIS! ain't helping much
  • Manu Bittner - Think first, than act! And this wouldn't have happend.
  • Lennart K. - Building bongos from skulls cannot bother the dead once...or?

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