Кладбище - Северные Территории
eng.: Graveyard - North Territories
Graveyard - North Territories
Graveyard - North Territories Map
Тип Кладбище

Кладбище - Северные Территории (Graveyard - North Territories) — кладбище в игре Unbended. Расположено на севере Аетерры, к западу от Высшей Камбрии.

Надписи на могилах Править

  • Ki-Uinguh-ardly - The Master said, "Kill 100 step". But after 99 walked me out of breath.
  • Tonny C - What a relief, finally rid of my wife. Tho, i do miss her yelling at me when i played Sacred 2. Do you have a laptop for me?
  • Eternal Twilight - Efficiut Deamones, ut quae non sunt, sic tamen quasi sint, conspicienda hominibus exhibeant.
  • Bloodstone - Trust me which are harmless, let me take that!
  • Volker R - Be careful. Extra deep buried. And for good reason.
  • Dorimil Ferendor. - Doing nothing, just wants to play!
  • Ole Schweim - What wouldst thou with thy poinard? Speak!
  • M&O 09052014 - Twenty years form now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
  • Talscope - Once born in the dirt, grew up to vile bounty hunter, he goes back where he came from.
  • Marc S. - Here lies hi-lite, king of Sülznasen. Colourful is the existence and grenades strong! Full throttle dudes...
  • Petra *PetCha* S. - Here lies my mortal shell so it may get filled with life again. I greet all my past and future incarnations! I will never forget, or can wait to finally meet you hardly.
  • Sülwie Eisenfaust - Here rest herbalist Sülwie Ironfist and hunters Gerdi Gerdison - thanks to the healthy mushroom soup now united in death
  • Connor Rawls - I'm bored. *stab* no stab backs.
  • Achim L. Dig here...I am the spring!
  • Frank H. - Damokles's sword hair tore as I stood under it and stared up.
  • Simon D. - Many are pushed to the province, I was pushed dead there.
  • Vanylla - Hardcore roxxx!
  • Jens V. - Your name could be here.
  • Gero S - Unopened best before: see grave stone edge
  • Golden Girl - Dear crawl into a corner, as are a monster over! Pfff ... I am a Hero ...! OK, next time ... Signed GG
  • Sebastian F - He walked through the fire ... once ... almost entirely by...
  • Ryanrocker - Here lies the Harbinger of Justice - wings folded, swords sheathed for all eternity.
  • Amaunir der Zauberer - The spell failed to hangover enchanted by the dogs that followed, in the grave he rots ...
  • Rumen G - Here I rest, a vampire, your blood, I'll tell you, tastes like my desire.
  • Erik F - Slipped in a Drift puddle.
  • Anton Rigin - Die or pay... and die. - Someone who paid and died
  • matlin - Once a proude warrior of the +[HoPE]+
  • Tipsterdad - Old fisherman never die, they just smell that way.
  • Dobster - Decided not to walk the straight and narrow.
  • Tobias R. - My lights work! Even in the darkes graves.
  • Helios Son - RUN!... That's what they said. They never mentioned the chasm.
  • Stehan O. - I can watch the sun rise from here.. for the next couple hundred years.
  • Stefan G. - Tip for eeaster egg: dig on the back
  • Sören K. - Get me out and I'll buy us a drink.
  • Gabriel S - The incredible feat all saved except him will not be forgotten. He has cleaved the monster spider with the spade, the zombie strangled with one hand, but the Drift he didn't stop.
  • J. P. H. - Dear Sandra... I will always love you!
  • Thomas H - Please do not step on the grave with spikes.
  • Walter K. The Grim Reaper bought his scythe in my forge.
  • Nils R. - They buried me with my head held high. Fair enough, I guess.
  • Nicolai K. - If the bear hunts the hunter, is that a bear hunt too?
  • Michel T. - Knock, knock, who's... dead.
  • Oliver L. - Leave me alone. I'm in a transitional period.
  • Azuriel - Here lies Azuriel. Ready from Start.
  • Martin W. - Attention: Treasure within. Get a shovel from the gate keeper.
  • Maxi G. - Lowered so low, it doesn't get lower.
  • Maximilian B. - Surgeons, Surgeons, Surgeons everywhere! A game, a world, a legend! His name: MAX!
  • Byte Knight - He hits a byte but the byte bite back.
  • Sascha E. - To my beloved Christine. She is proof that love is immortal.
  • Rainer W. - Ever since I moved here, I stopped bothering about weather.
  • Pierre W. - Those how use FECAL MATTER as a weappon should watch to not become FECAL MATTER himself. FECAL MATTER!
  • Blackmasters - I am pleased that you are interested in my grave, but could you disappear now, your smelly feet disturb my peace.
  • Xen Blutschatten - here rests Xen Blutschatten. His heart broke before his neck.
  • Cristoph B - One goes. Damn, that last beer was bad.
  • Roland B - Let's hold a funeral feast. I'm the corpse you the feast.
  • Seth E. - The wood is eastwards, and I'm here. Crap!
  • Sonja S. - Ths sun always shines on ... this grave.
  • Zer Zaust - Never trust a barber with the hiccups.
  • Ur 2 Cool - My feet are pretty cool, don't you agree?